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Become an Extraordinary Person.Leader.Organization

When you walk in your greatness you give others around you permission to walk in theirs.

Are you frustrated with not feeling extraordinary?

We help you face your fears, build strong relationships, and lead organizational change.
You’re convinced that you or your organization is destined to be extraordinary, but you don’t know how to make it happen?

When individuals change, organizations change

Who you are matters

Who you are as a leader matters

Who your organization is matters

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What Our Clients Are Saying


"I appreciated how the training sessions flowed from one to another which created an amazing learning experience. I learned how to take risks, step out of my comfort zone, to be vulnerable for my team to know me."

Lydia Y.


"This training changed how I look at things, relationships, and everyone that I come in contact with. This is a training I will share with everyone."

Michelle S.


"I learned how to sit in uncomfortable situations and still be able to lead while in discomfort. I learned how to be honest about my feelings and use them as a learning point to the team, as a leader."

Daynelle P.

“We help leaders like you transform challenging life experiences into gifts.”

DLS Inspirations (DLS), LLC is a training, development and consulting firm. DLS aims to facilitate conversations that influence change, development and continued growth. Our trainings are designed to enhance skills, behaviors and knowledge. We also customize trainings to meet special needs of our clients. We offer both personal and professional development to strengthen leadership skills and team dynamics. Additionally, DLS offers consultant services. We provide long-term change management services, including strategic planning support and hands-on coaching to leaders and teams at all levels within organizations.