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Establish a work culture that embodies high morale, retention and productivity.

When there are multiple ruptures across an organization it can severely impact morale, retention and productivity.

What you need as an organization matters!

Learn ways to concretely address ruptures within organizational relationships, restore morale, and attract and select the right people for the right positions. We guide you through every step of the organizational change process.

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    What Our Clients Are Saying


    I will never forget my first enactment with you. You peered into my soul and sought more than a surface level answer. That is who you are, someone who does not look at the surface but beyond to allow others to go through their processes. I speak for my team, when I say we are blessed to learn from you and be a witness to your gift.

    Yessica P.


    Your very words changed my outlook on discouragement when you said, " Let discouragement fuel you and cause you to lean in. Discouragement will and can only challenge your belief. Prove your belief in yourself to be right." From then on, I leaned in with my team to use our current circumstance as leverage towards change. Thank you! 

    Charles T.


    I can say many things, but these 3 stood out as we partnered together to transform my organization's work culture: (1) Your dedication to others (2) Your ability to stoke inspiration through the power of words, and (3) Especially the way in which you seek and see into a person's heart. Your example showed us how to show up in an authentic and innovative way. Thank you for your gifts!

    Sarah D.