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Chains Are Meant To Be Broken – A Preparation For Mental And Emotional Healing


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Chains Are Meant To Be Broken – A Preparation For Mental And Emotional Healing


  • Share honest and transparent experiences to help the reader open up to their experiences.
  • Understanding of the authority the readers have over their subconscious and conscious mind.
  • Understanding of self and behaviors in relationships with others.
  • Presents the power of choice.
  • Create opportunities to investigate the impact of past experiences on present behaviors.
  • Points to the importance of breaking chains to experience a connection to self-identity and true intimacy in relationships.
  • Increases hope that change is available and healing is possible.
  • It creates opportunities for the reader to identify, name, and own the beliefs that are not serving them.
  • Aid the reader in pointing out the links within their harmful beliefs that need to be broken.
  • Empower the reader to take action in their healing process.

Many people are desperate for freedom! They are tired of reliving past traumatic events, and desire to be healed from unresolved emotional pain, and loosed from fears that keep them from being their authentic selves. I was one of those people. In fact, my pain got so great that in my desperation I began to do the work. As a result, I discovered 3 R’s – how to reframe my perspective, redirect my emotions, and ultimately rewrite the story of my life to live my purpose. Ahh, freedom! If you are longing to experience freedom, then this book is a great tool to start you on your journey.

The goal of this book is to shine the light on the root of the problem, which lies in the construct of our belief system. Beliefs or belief systems are synonymous with chains to demonstrate how either all or parts of particular beliefs are barriers to both our healing and freedom. It is these restrictive parts in our beliefs that need to be broken. Through storytelling and educational components, we will look at the brain’s intricate role in developing our belief system, the specific links within the chain that need to be broken, and opportunities to see how chains play out in our lives. The purpose of seeing chains is to practice and grow in awareness of the links that need to be broken to then take authority over breaking them.

3 reviews for Chains Are Meant To Be Broken – A Preparation For Mental And Emotional Healing

  1. admin

    “I appreciated how the training sessions flowed from one to another which created an amazing learning experience. I learned how to take risks, step out of my comfort zone, to be vulnerable for my team to know me.”

  2. admin

    “This training changed how I look at things, relationships, and everyone that I come in contact with. This is a training I will share with everyone.”

  3. admin

    “I learned how to sit in uncomfortable situations and still be able to lead while in discomfort. I learned how to be honest about my feelings and use them as a learning point to the team, as a leader.”

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